Renters Insurance. It’s so much more than contents.

Yes, our tenant policies cover your personal items– furniture, clothing, your ever-growing record collection– but they do a lot more than that too. That means if your downstairs neighbour sets fire to their kitchen, we’ll help you cover the unforeseen costs like living elsewhere for a bit, or moving altogether.

This policy also includes personal liability in case someone gets hurt in your space, or you accidentally damage someone else’s property. We’re nice people though, so we obviously hope none of those things actually happen– if they do, you can trust that we’ve got you covered.

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A Little About Us.

The traditional process of getting insurance is frustrating and time consuming, and although we can’t offer you all of the products online yet, we are well on our way!

Be a part of the story and watch InsureToday grow into the convenient and simple coverage solution we’ve all been waiting for.

If you need other types of coverage, then visit our older Sister, Alteri Insurance Brokers, who can help you with all your insurance needs!

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